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Tips on installing locks in your office

Many people are unaware of how to lock up an office properly. These tips on locks for offices will help you to ensure that your office is safe, each and every time you and your staff leave for the day.

At the office alone?

Remember to lock the door if you are working late at the office alone. It may sound simple, but you should consider your own safety first.

Lock your expensive equipment

Doors to rooms that hold expensive equipment should have locks installed. Whether the copy room or the computer lab, make sure to place the appropriate locks and deadbolts on equipment-room doors.

office lock

Also, consider locking any drawers, filing cabinets or closets that may contain confidential information or valuables. Lock the office supply room as well. Thieves are aware that the office file-cabinet acts as an accessible type of office safe. Therefore, your office cabinets should have the proper locks installed on them to ensure security.

Types of office locks

Although a master locksmith will be able to advise you best, consider installing locks that come with a glass pin in either tubular or rounded standard form. Standard locks are visible, and tubular locks are great for locking small cabinets.

There are also office filing cabinets that come with built-in lock systems and are able to automatically lock upon closure. These are appropriate for top-security documents that you don't need on a daily basis.

The front door

Install double locks on all office doors housing valuable items or equipment, and always install heavy-duty dead-bolts on office front doors.

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