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Tips on buying locks for windows and doors

As home security becomes more and more of an issue, all of us will need to consider buying locks for our windows and doors if we want to keep our homes and families safe. Buying locks and installing locks may require the help of a professional locksmith. Here are a few tips on buying locks for windows and doors.

Consult the experts before buying locks

It may be a good idea to consult a locksmith or a home security professional for a home security inspection. A locksmith can examine your home to determine the best security options for you. They will also be able to install professional-quality locks for windows and doors.

Install new locks on old doors

Replace older key-in-knob locks with locks containing hardened steel pins. Even better consider installing double locks with deadbolts on all doors. You may also want to upgrade hollow-core doors with solid hardwood, which is safer, and will prevent a break-in. 

Buy top quality locks for doors and windows

The best deadbolts are either grade 1 or 2. These high-quality bolts can stay firm even if someone attempts to kick, hammer, saw or drill into your locks. Options include a single-cylinder deadbolt that is operated externally with a key, or a double-cylinder dead-bolt that can be opened with a key from both inside and outside.

buying locks

For doors with glass panes, it is a good idea to use a double-cylinder deadbolt so that intruders cannot break the glass and open the door. Dead bolts should also come with a thick central steel bolt that extends far into the frame of your door. A high-quality lock will also come with strike plates, thick screws, six-pin cylinders, as well as thick solid metal cylinder collar that is free-spinning.

For more advice on how to professionally install locks on doors and windows, compare quotes on professional locksmiths today!

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