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Some essential tips for DIY painting

Before you launch into a home painting project, whatever the scale, read these handy tips. They can save you time, money and avoid stress.

Buy or borrow more dropcloth than you think you'll need

One of the laws of home painting is that you'll always need more dropcloth. It's not worth risking damage to furniture and flooring, so be prepared! Tape the cloth down around the edges of the room firmly so it doesn't move and expose the floor.

Buy a high quality paint tray

Make sure it's made from a sturdy plastic, and be sure to wash it before the paint dries.

Use a roller extension

This is particularly important for the ceiling but also saves time on painting walls. Use a sponge brush to fill in corners where the roller can't effectively reach. For other tips, read more about painting with a roller

diy painting

Paint the ceiling first

This approach makes it far easier to paint into the corners of the room and makes drips onto the wall less of a problem. When painting the ceiling, it's a good idea to use goggles to avoid painting dripping into your eyes - not a pleasant experience.

'The X approach'

Paint diagonally, then vertically, rather than vertically first. Avoid painting from side to side. This recommended strategy will give you a better coat of paint and avoid lines appearing.

Invest in a new roller brush

For best results, invest in a new roller brush every time you start a new painting project.

They're washable but can easily loose shape and clumps can easily form in the nap as they dry. Most roller handles will allow the roller to be removed and replaced without buying an entirely new item.

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