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Choosing the painting contractor that's right for you

Here are a few steps to take when hiring a painting contractor that will save you time, headaches and possibly money.

Go for track record

Start by asking for referrals from family, friends and neighbours. People will happily speak about bad and good experiences with contractors.

If you like paintwork on a house you're visiting, take the name of the contractors. Book a time for a visit and quote, mentioning the referral as you do - it creates a good beginning to the experience.

If the business has been in operation for a decent period of time, it should generally bode well for a good job.

Shop around

Even if you feel a contractor may be right on first meeting, it's still a good idea to get an estimate from two or three, both for best price reasons and to make sure you've considered options. Ask for a referral from a previous client if they haven't been referred to you.

Generally, initial estimates are free so you won't be out of pocket.

choosing contractor

Be prepared

Before you meet, write down your ideal vision of the project as well as a projected budget.

Ask questions

Find out how long they've been in business, and make sure they're properly insured and certified in your state.

Find out what type of preparation work they do; they need to properly assess the materials they'll be using, as well as side details like proper cleaning processes.

Ask them for advice on colour combinations. A good professional contractor will know colour trends and new and proven techniques.

Get a written estimate

Ask for a written time estimate, and importantly, a written cost estimate!

You'll now be ready to book them, or to source other quotes.

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