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Make painting difficult areas easy

Painting can sometimes throw up some tricky challenges. Here are a few of them, with ideas of how to find simple solutions.

Rounded walls

If you have walls that are 'rounded' into the ceilings, use a wallpaper trim border to stop unwanted paint contact.

Alternatively, measure down to the point where the curve ends and make a small pencil mark. Using a spirit level, pencil a line around the perimeter of the room, then mask it off with tape.

Excuse me while I cut in

Cutting-in is the term used for achieving a neat join where paints of different colours meet.

A tape or wallpaper border can work, once one painted surface is completely dry. To achieve the effect on window frames and panel doors, load the brush very lightly so you don't cut into the edge of the glass.

Painting window frames

Again, a tape border gives the best protection. Be careful to use tape that won't leave difficult residue on the glass itself.

painting corners

Painting the roof

Before you paint a roof, you'll need to disconnect any down and gutter pipes.

Water blast the roof, and wire brush rusted or rough areas. You can apply a rust neutraliser and fill holes with epoxy resin filler, then paint the rusted area with a metal primer. Finish with two coats of a recommended roof paint.

A ladder or an extension?

If your project requires painting walls that extend above your reach, purchase a sturdy extension pole.

Keeping both feet on the ground, let the extension pole do the work. This approach is time-efficient, safer, and achieves better results than balancing precariously on a ladder.

An extension pole allows you to apply paint thinly in broad, even strokes without struggling.

For difficult areas around the home, get a quote for professional painting assistance.

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