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We’ve put together a selection of commonly asked questions to help you find quick, clear answers about Painting.

What will it cost me to hire a painter?
That depends on the size of your job, its location and the level of service you require.  Most painters calculate cost on these factors, the materials needed and time.
What qualifications do painting contractors have?
Painting is a specialist trade qualification with its own Master Painters Association.
How long will my painting job take?
Using a quality painting contractor is the most efficient way to get your painting job done.  the size of your job and the paint finish you select will determine how long you have the painters in.
How long will it take to get quotes from painting contractors?
You can organise time off to meet painting contractors and coordinate quotes yourself.
How can I be sure about getting a quality painting job?
Check with your painter about whether they have a full trade certificate and are members of the Master Painters Association.  It’s also worth asking about any staff your chosen contractor may engage during your job to be sure they are qualified painters too.
Do I need to get a quote for my painting job?
You should always get a firm quote from your painting contractor that clearly details the job and the services plus materials included in the cost.  This leaves much less room for conflict if a problem arises.
How can I be sure I’ve received a fair painting quote?
Source several quotes and be sure you are comparing similar products and services.  That way, you can clearly identify any obvious discrepancies.  Ask the painting contractor about things that don’t seem to add up and always check for hidden extras.  Use the Compare Quotes online quote page to receive 3 similar quotes from quality tested painters instantly.
Why not do the painting myself?
Painting is a skilled profession that can be quite involved.  To get the job done properly without spending time, money and effort you should hire a painting contractor.  You’ll probably find the cost is comparable, by the time you’ve bought all the tools, equipment and materials anyway.
What if I have to move lots of heavy furniture?
Speak with your painting contractor about moving furniture.  It may be more appropriate to remove only the smaller items and place large pieces in the centre of each room.  If you can’t manage yourself, a good painter will be able to provide this service.
Do I have to stay there while they work?
Not at all.  You should feel comfortable that your painting contractor is trustworthy and reliable enough to get on with the job.  It is a good idea to check on their progress from time to time though.
What happens if something is broken during the painting?
In the unlikely event something does go wrong, your painter should have insurance to cover the repairs or replacement.  It’s worth checking this before you decide on which painting contractor to choose, especially if the work area contains high value items.
What happens if I don’t like the paint job?
Most good painters offer the confidence of a quality guarantee and will be helpful about rectifying any problems with the job.  A good painting contractor will provide the customer service and quality workmanship you expect.
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