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The only hassle-free way to get your painting job done is to hire a painting contractor.  So what’s the best way to go about that?  This short how to guide offers some suggestions to help you choose the right painter for your job.

Painting is a professional trade involving a formal apprenticeship and skill competence to qualify.  Quality painting contractors have extensive and current knowledge of modern painting materials and finishes.  Because they’re experienced working with various products and applications, a painter is in the best position to offer the right solution for your painting, decorating or sign writing job.

What to look for in a painting contractor

Your paint job will last a long time.  So it’s worthwhile investing some effort into planning the painting project and choosing the right painting contractor.

Look for industry association membership that indicates your painter is committed to professional standards.  Master Painter Associations exist in most states to provide support and continuous development for people working in the industry.
Initially, the painting contractor should always offer a formal and comprehensive quote.  Compare Quotes can help with instant online quotes.

Ask the painting contractor about their trading terms as well as:
  1. the warranty offered, in case a problem develops with the painting job after it’s finished
  2. their insurance cover, should the work area or valuable items suffer any damage during the job
  3. safety standards, to reduce the risk of injury to their employees and anyone you have visiting the site

The benefits of using a painter

Experienced painters are skilled, reliable and fast.  Using a painting contractor will deliver a better quality finish than you can achieve ... plus save you time and money.  That’s because painting contractors:
  1. have spent years learning specialist trade skills
  2. already own and use the correct tools and equipment
  3. can purchase quality materials at trade prices
Painting contractors use professional quality tools, equipment and materials for a fantastic finish that lasts for years.  Actually, materials represent the smallest cost component of a painting job.  So, if you are considering DIY, factor in the purchase of ladders, tools and equipment.  Then think about whether that’s worthwhile, especially if they won’t be used again.

Preparing for your painting project

With all the movement of people, ladders and materials, it pays to prepare well ahead for your painting project.  Paint splatter can be difficult and time consuming to clean up, so before your painting job begins, you should:
  1. remove as much furniture as possible
  2. cover all floors to protect carpets
  3. remove all electrical equipment
  4. remove as many fittings as possible
As for other surface finishes, the end result of your painting job relies on good preparation, skilled application and experience.  Painting is one contracting job it pays to outsource, especially if you don’t have lots of spare time and cash.
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