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Tips for painting the inside your house

Just built your own home, bought a new one, or do you want to give your existing home a makeover?

Painting the interior of your home will play a major part in capturing the character and impression you want it to give. Start to think about;

Which walls to paint?

You'll firstly need to work out which rooms or walls you want to paint, and which are best wallpapered or left in their raw state ' stone or wood finishes for example.

Some homes are best painted throughout; choosing a good balancing of colours between rooms is important. 

Getting inspiration

Creating your own scrapbook of colour and finish ideas is a fun and useful process in the planning stage.

Cut out magazine images, paste snippings of colour charts and take snaps if you're visiting friends' or family homes that give you inspiration.

If you want an expert opinion, you can hire the services of an interior designer, even just for a session of consultation.

Its' important that you form your own final impression of what you want your home to look and feel like, and not to feel dictated by current trends.

painting inside

How much do you want to spend?

Everyone, whatever their financial resources, needs to work within a budget! Start to think of ways not to cut corners, but to economise.

Can you handle parts of the painting by yourself (link to tips for DIY painting), especially if you're repainting? You can then source a contractor for the more difficult rooms or for painting high ceilings.

The walls of your home are a key feature, so it's important to work within a budget but to give your interiors the finish they need.

Start the process now, by comparing quotes for painting contractors and interior designers.

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