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Painting the Kitchen

A fresh coat of paint is a cheap and easy way to revive a tired old kitchen. Here are a few things you need to know before putting roller to rangehood.

Choosing the right colour

Use paint colours that work with your bench tops, kitchen fittings and major appliances. Talk to your painter or interior designer for colour matching advice.

Light coloured walls will make your kitchen seem open and airy, but need to be cleaned frequently.

Choose the right paint

Kitchen paint needs to be heat-resistant, moisture-resistant and easy to clean. A gloss or semi-gloss paint means those splashes of pasta sauce will wipe right off.

Stuck with a 1970s laminate kitchen? There are specially designed paints and primers available for these surfaces.

Painting the kitchen

Preparing surfaces for painting

Before painting, clean your kitchen surfaces like you clean your dishes - with a sponge, hot water and detergent. Stubborn stains might require sugar soap or a chemical cleaner.

Sandpaper your walls or cabinet doors. Wipe them carefully with a damp rag afterwards to remove any residue.

Use an undercoat on your walls and primer for any other surfaces. Follow the primer instructions carefully, and make sure it has time to dry before applying your paint.

Painting kitchen walls

Start with the largest surfaces in your kitchen - the walls and ceiling. Use a roller to get the best possible finish. Walls will usually need two coats of paint.

Painting kitchen drawers and doors

Remove drawers and cupboard doors from their cabinets before painting. Unscrew the handles to ensure a smooth finish. If you are replacing any handles, fill and sand the existing holes before painting.

Never paint cabinet or drawer interiors - this can make them hard to close.

Once everything is dry, replace the handles, door and drawers and enjoy your new-look kitchen!

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