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Painting Tiled Surfaces

Don't put up with that Avocado and Burnt Sienna colour scheme in your bathroom a minute longer! Paint your tiles to revamp your bathroom, kitchen or laundry at a fraction of the cost of retiling.

Tile Paint

There is a wide range of specialised tile paints on the market today, but with the right preparation, standard oil or epoxy-based paints will work just as well.

Keep it dry

Tile paint won't last long in areas that get a lot of moisture. It's fine for kitchen splashbacks, bench tops or the laundry floor, but will peel very quickly if used on the shower tiles.

Painting tiles

Prepare your tiles for painting

Repair any cracks or chips in your tiles before painting.

Clean your tiles and grout well and rinse thoroughly. Remove all traces of mold and mildew. Paint won't stick to dirty tiles.

Sand your tiles well with fine sandpaper. If you have a lot of tiles, use an orbital sander to get the job done quickly. A rough surface will ensure the paint sticks properly.

Apply a primer to the tiled surface. Make sure the primer you use is appropriate for glossy surfaces.

Get painting!

Now, apply your tile paint. Several thin coats tend to work better than one thick one.

If you're a creative type, feel free to experiment with a decorative flourish or two - you can always paint over it later.

Once the paint has dried for a couple of days, apply a water-based urethane finish to protect the surface and ensure it lasts for years.

Draw the edges

The last step is to use a grout pen on the joins between tiles. This recreates the fresh white grout lines on your painted tiles to make them look brand new.

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