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Painting Wood Fences

Your wood fence needs to be repainted every few years, and it certainly isn't the most glamorous DIY job. Here are a few tips to make this tedious task as painless as possible.

Choose the right paint

Pick a wood paint that is suitable for outdoor use and contains UV protection. Paying a few extra dollars for sunproof paint will pay off in the long run.

Use the right brushes

You'll need a wide (7cm - 10cm) brush for painting the front of the fence, and a small (2cm - 3 cm) one to use between the palings if your fence has gaps.

Some people prefer to use a small (8cm) roller instead of a large brush.

Investing in good quality brushes or rollers will make the job a lot easier than relying on cheap and nasty tools.

Painting fence

Prepare your fence for painting

Get rid of any cobwebs, leaves, bird droppings and general dirt from the fence before you start painting.

Scrape off any bits of loose or flaking old paint. Re-attach and repair any loose or broken boards. If your fence is in a really bad way, you might want to consult a fencing professional .

If possible, slide a thin piece of wood or newspaper under the fence to stop your brush touching the dirt or grass.

Painting the fence

Do the fence a section at a time. Paint one side and one edge of each paling in a section, then go back to the first paling and paint the other side and edge. This means you'll minimise the risk of wet paint on your hands when you reach in to do the edges.

Fence painting is a job best avoided on hot, sunny days. Not only is it hard work for you, direct sun can make the paint become dry and tacky before you've finished.

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