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Getting the paint colours right in your home

A new lick of paint can give the interior of your home a renewed feeling for you and your family.

Before you paint your house, you'll need to choosing the right colour combinations. It's a fun process, but requires a few important considerations.

Balancing colours throughout house

If you've got a newly built home, you'll have the benefit of starting from scratch and creating a whole colour palette from the ground up.

If it's an existing house, take a look at it as a whole. Do the colours work in each room the best way you think they can? Could other colour combinations work better? To answer these questions, you may need to ask'

choosing paint colour

What is the room like?

Look at the position of the room you want to paint. Does it have a lot of windows? Does it get a lot of light during the day? Is it smaller and darker, within the house?

Darker colours; browns, blues and deep reds, create intimacy and character in darker rooms, and lighter colours; whites, off-whites and any light shade, make rooms that get a lot of natural light, come alive.

Lighter colours tend to work for living areas where a lot of daytime is spent; darker colours work well for interior, smaller bedrooms. They tend not to make the room seem smaller, but instead give it character.

Feature walls

The use of feature walls enables two contrasting colours come together in a way that creates and even more striking effect than they could do alone. To get such colour combinations right, you could'.

Start a workbook

It's a good idea to get colours from swatches, paint colour charts, even magazines, and combine them side by side in a workbook. It makes the decision-making process work.

Some hardware and paint shops now have computers set up with paint colour software that allows you to make and change colour combinations within the rooms in a real home.

Once you've considered these factors, it's time to get a professional painter quote for the assistance you'll need to bring your home to life.

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