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Guinea pigs, Rats and Mice

Travelling interstate or overseas with your furry friends needn’t be stressful. Follow these hints to ensure your pets enjoy a safe, hassle-free trip.

  1. Consider a specialist pet transport company so your pets’ travel is handled by experts. Although dogs and cats make up 99 % of transported pets, a reputable company should be able to handle any type of animal that can be legally moved interstate or overseas.
  2. A pet transporting company will ensure your guinea pigs or rodents travel in air-conditioned comfort to and from the airport, and that all paperwork is done and quarantine requirements met.
  3. Ask your pet transporter about quarantine (link to guinea pig and rodent quarantine article) when moving your animals interstate or overseas. Depending on their destination, they might have to spend some time in quarantine.
  4. A reputable company will have an AQIS (Australian Quarantine Inspection Services) accredited vet, who will examine your furry friends before departure and sign the appropriate forms.
  5. Take your pets to the vet a week before departure, to ensure that they are in good health and that all vaccinations are up to date.
  6. Get the right sized IATA (International Air Transport Association) approved travel capsule for your animal. Small rodents such as rats, mice and guinea pigs can travel together in one container. You can get these from your pet transporter or some veterinary clinics. Getting the capsule ahead of time. allows you and your pet to become familiar with it.
  7. Feed your pets at least 12 hours before the move, but do not feed them on the day. On the day, give them some water and a treat, and put a few treats in the capsule for on the flight.
  8. Keep calm. Keep the atmosphere on moving day as quiet and normal as possible. Unless your vet has prescribed it, there is little need to sedate your pets for the trip. If you are calm and relaxed your rodent friends will be, too!
  9. Take your guinea pigs, rats or mice in their capsule to the pet transporter, or if they collect from your home, travel with them to the transporter’s office.
  10. Once your rodents have been checked for quarantine purposes, if necessary, and replaced in their capsule, walk away, quietly and calmly. Most animals settle down quickly, especially if there’s a familiar toy or treat in the capsule.
  11. Your pets will travel in an air-conditioned van to the airport, at the same temperature as the plane. If the flight is an international one, they will be checked at each stopover, and their water replenished.
guinea pigs travel in comfort 

What happens when your guinea pig, rat or mouse arrives?

On arrival, your pets will be collected by the pet transporter representative, given fresh water and cleared through Customs and Quarantine.

If they do not need quarantine, they will be brought home in an air-conditioned van.

If your pets have to spend a period in quarantine, the pet transporter can arrange to pick them up when it’s free to come to your new home.

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