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Pet transport FAQ

Here’s a selection of commonly asked questions to help you find quick, clear answers about transporting your pet.

What should I consider when moving my pet?
Pet transport involves both the physical move and emotional impact on your pet.  For a successful relocation, pets should be kept safe and secure at all times.
Why use professional pet transport?
Professional pet transporters are dedicated to your pet’s travel.  They’ll put your mind at rest with practical advice, assist with logistics and take expert care of your pet.
What information do I need to arrange pet transport?
You will need to advise your pet transporter:
  1. type of pet (dog, cat, horse etc)
  2. how many pets will be travelling
  3. pet measurements (see our How To Guide)
  4. are you transporting pets domestically/internationally
  5. pet’s final destination
  6. required departure/arrival dates
How do I select a suitable pet travel capsule?
Check our How To Guide for selecting a pet travel capsule.  If you work with a quality pet transport company, they will arrange this for you.
Should my pet see a vet before travelling?
Absolutely.  Obtain a copy of your pet’s health records and ask your vet to ensure your pet has:
  1. up-to-date vaccinations
  2. any required travel medication
  3. any special inoculations required at your pet’s destination
How much will pet transportation cost?
That depends on some variables like how many and what sort of pets are travelling as well as time and distance.  Compare Quotes provides online costs from different pet transport companies.
What additional costs can I expect?
Depending on your individual move, additional costs may include:
  1. crate purchase
  2. veterinary charges
  3. boarding costs (if applicable)
  4. airline handling fee (if air travel involved)
  5. freight charges
  6. cost of quarantine (if applicable)
How do I choose a pet transport company I can trust?
All companies listed with Compare Quotes have been thoroughly quality tested and pre-qualified.  So you can rest assured that your pet is in great hands.
Can my two pets travel together?
For safety reasons, each pet must travel in a separate capsule.
What animals will pet transporters carry?
Pet transportation companies can carry all domestic animals.
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