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Pet Transport How To

Our How To guide gives you all the information you’ll need to plan a seamless move for your beloved pet.

Measure your pet

To get the right sized pet capsule, you will need four measurements of your pet:
Measure from the tip of your pet's nose to the tip of its rump in a straight line.  Do not include tail in measurement.
With your pet standing, measure its height from the floor to the top of the head.  Do include ears in this measurement.
Measure your pet's width across its shoulders to determine the turning space it needs.
You should pay a visit to the vet before your pet travels.  Ask the vet to accurately weigh your pet.

Select a pet travel capsule

Choose a capsule suitable for the mode of transport.  Wire crates are good for road vehicle transport while solid-sided plastic crates are preferable for air travel.

If your pet is travelling by air, ask your airline about specific pet travel capsule requirements.

Ensure your pet transport capsule:
  1. allows your pet to easily sit, stand, lie down and turn around
  2. is well ventilated
  3. is made of chew-proof materials
  4. has a secure latch
  5. is easy to clean
Note:  Pet transport companies take care of correct selection and supply your pet’s travel capsule.

Prepare your pet for travel

Our Pet Transport checklist gives full details on preparing your pet to travel.

Select a pet transportation company

Compare Quotes makes this easy because we’ve quality tested all our pet transport contractors.  Simply select a service level, compare quotes and choose pet transport that meets your needs.
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