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Pet Transport Tips & Hints

Preparing to move your pet is quick and easy. Use our handy hints to ensure your pet enjoys a safe, relaxing trip:

  1. Consider a specialist pet transport company so your pet’s travel is handled by experts.
  2. Ask your pet transporter about quarantine when moving your pet interstate or overseas.
  3. Check out our How To Guide for the preparation you’ll should do ahead of time.
  4. Have a full vet check done and ensure vaccinations, flea and worm treatments are current.
  5. Ensure your pet wears a collar and a ID tag with your name, address and phone number.
  6. Maintain your pet’s normal routine right up to travel day.
  7. Get your pet used to its travel capsule before transport, so the space becomes familiar.
  8. Place some familiar toys or a blanket in your pet capsule.
  9. Place some of your clothing in pet capsule.  Your familiar scent will help calm your pet.
  10. Do not place food, leads or choker chains in your pet capsule.
  11. Tell your pet transporter if your pet has any health issues or special food requirements.
  12. Keep your pet in a safe, quiet place on travel day to avoid last minute escapes!
  13. Don’t feed your pet a meal on the day of travel.  Water and a treat are fine.
  14. Avoid new or ‘special’ treats for your pet as comfort food.  These can cause nausea or diarrhoea. 
  15. Keep things familiar. Stay calm throughout the process.  Pets pick up on stress and if you are frazzled, it makes them anxious too.
  16. Exercise your pet before its trip.
  17. Have a recent photo of your pet to help with identification in the unlikely event that your pet becomes lost.
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