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Roofing FAQ

Here’s some questions we’ve found people commonly ask when it comes to hiring a professional roofer.

What does a roofer do?
A roofer is a professional tradesman.  Roofers are qualified to construct and maintain all parts of a roof.  For example, this includes trusses, tiles and waterproofing.
When is roofing needed?
Every house needs a solid, waterproof roof to keep the elements out.  Roofs also need maintenance to stay weather proof.  Broken or fallen tiles, excess moss growth and water seepage can all cause damage without regular care.
Why do I need a professional roofer?
A professional roofer is equipped with the right tools and know-how to care for your roof.  A roofer will also be experienced walking on sloped roofs and working quickly at height.
How much will my roof cost?
The cost of your roof will vary depending on the size, slope and roof treatment you choose.  Be sure to compare a few different quotes before selecting your professional roofer.
How do I prepare for my home for roof maintenance?
This will depend on what needs to be done.  If your entire roof needs replacing, you may need to move all of your furniture. If you only need a few tiles replaced, you may not need to do anything.
What types of roofing are there?
There are many different types of roofing.  Each suits a different weather, climate or home design. Talk to your professional roofer about what’s best for your house.  They are in the best position to help with the latest know how on available choices.
How do I choose the right roofing for my house?
The right roof is the one that withstands your local climate for the longest time.  Your roof shouldn’t be a feature of itself.  It should blend with and complement the style of your home.  Get a professional roofer’s advice on what’s best for you.
How long will it take?
That depends on what exactly your roofer needs to do. If a few tiles need replacing, it might be done in a day.  If one or more trusses need replacing, the work could take weeks to complete.
Will I be able to live in my house while the roofer is working?
Usually.  If the roof can remain intact while the roofer works, you can safely stay inside.  If there is a big repair job and parts of the roof need to be removed, some areas of the house may be off limits.  Your roofer will advise you on what will be the safest and most sensible thing to do.
Do I need to replace my whole roof if part of it is damaged?
No.  A roof is built so that only the damaged segments need to be replaced.  A professional roofer will be able to remove a section and repair it quickly to a high standard.
What are the dangers of doing it myself?
Walking around at height is always dangerous.  The height on a sloped roof surface is particularly hazardous. Many home handymen fall from roofs and ladder doing their own repairs.  We recommend using a roofer who has the skill, tools and equipment to do the job fast and well.
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