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Roofing How To

Whether you need to make repairs or install a whole new roof, it’s time to call the roofing contractors in.  Roofers are generally plumbers that have specialised in roofs.  They have expert knowledge on best roofing practice, materials and locating problem spots.

Roofing choices

A wide range of materials are used in roofing.  The ideal product will depend on the:

  1. design and pitch of your roof
  2. style of your property
  3. prevailing weather conditions

Be aware that roofing materials vary widely in cost and life expectancy.  Ask your roofing contractor for advice on the best solution for your roof.>/p>

In Australia, the most popular roofing choices are:

  1. tiles (usually concrete, terra cotta or slate)
  2. steel (eg corrugated iron, pre-painted)

Contacting a contractor

Your roof installation or repair needs a specialist to keep your property wind and water tight.  Only an expert roofer has the skill and knowledge to offer good advice or correctly diagnose and rectify a problem.

Remember that leaks can take some time to become evident.  And often water travels some distance from the point of entry before making its presence known.  This time and distance can cause further damage, including timber rot and insulation problems.

Before you phone for any quotes, do some homework.  Check with neighbours and friends who could recommend a good roofing contractor.  Sometimes you can even get consumer affairs information about any complaints lodged.

A good quality roofer will subscribe to the professional standards of the Master Plumbers Association.  And offer a materials and labour guarantee.

What to ask for

Before you decide on the roofing contractor for you, be sure the roofer is happy to:

  1. explain the problem thoroughly
  2. go through the solution they recommend and why
  3. provide an itemised quote with a breakdown of costs
  4. give an accurate work program and time window

Roofing is dangerous work.  Fatalities and injury affect hundreds of Australians who fall from ladders every year.  Don’t be a statistic ... get a professional roofing contractor.

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