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Choosing the right roofing contractor - a step by step guide

Ensuring you've got the best roof over your head is important. If you€re looking to hire a roofing contractor to conduct construction or repair work, you need to ask a few key questions.

Here are the four essential questions you need to ask before choosing a contractor to look after roofing projects at home:

Question 1 - are they covered?

Is the contractor licensed to conduct business in your state? Does the contractor have public liability and workers' compensation insurance? If so, how much?

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Question 2 - are they reputable?

Does the contractor have a good reputation? Most contractors will readily provide you with a list of references, which should ideally be a minimum of three years old.

Question 3 - are you covered?

Is the contractor willing to provide you with a good workmanship warranty? This warranty should protect against any defects in the roof and should last a minimum period.

Question 4 - what's included?

Does the contractor thoroughly inspect the roof and explain his findings?

Does he provide a written estimate, and does it include:

  1. a detailed description of the work that is contracted?
  2. possible additional work, with a price?
  3. clean up of all rubbish and debris?

Further questions

Does the contractor have an emergency number? Will he be available on weekends? Is the contractor going to supervise the different phases of the project and provide a final inspection?

Find out if the contractor is going to hire a sub-contractor. If so, any subcontractors needs to meet the same criteria.

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