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Choosing the best skylight for your home

Skylights are a great solution for bringing light into areas with no or limited natural light source.

They make a space brighter than windows of the same size, regardless of aspect, by drawing light in from overhead. The bonus for many homemakers is that they any can be installed DIY as they don't require structural changes.

choosing a skylight

What type to choose?

Traditional overhead ceiling skylights give maximum light spread.

Window skylights can be used on pitched roofs and can be fixed or open, depending on the ventilation of the room.

Tubular skylights, positioned between the roof and ceiling, give a slight ambience. A domed structure tunnels light through the tubing that simply sits between the roof rafters, so no structural modifications are required.

Varying light and air

Retractable blinds can be used on fixed skylights to vary the light source during the day. Tubular skylights come with options for diffusers.

By adding a ventilation component, your skylight can play the additional role of providing air flow, as an alternative to energy consuming air-conditioning.

Skylights for different rooms

Different rooms suit different approached with skylights. In a living room, you may want to choose one large or multiple units with a retractable blind to combat morning glare.

Dark hallways in older style homes can be brightened with a sequence of tubular skylights. In the kitchen, window skylights can also provide a channel for rainwater drainage, making them ideal for pitched roofs.

Read more about how to install your skylight, (link to installing skylight article).

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