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Choosing the right roof insulation

Proper roofing insulation is key to ensuring your home is structurally sound. It also means that you'll stay comfortable despite the sometimes harsh and fluctuating Australian weather conditions.

Effective roof insulation will:

  1. lower your energy costs
  2. prevent moisture penetration
  3. protect your home from moulds
  4. conserve energy, benefiting the environment

There are many types of roof insulation available on the market, so before you purchase you need to consider the options. We recommend getting professional advice after you've considered them in more detail.

roof insulation


A popular and relatively inexpensive choice, fiberglass comes in sheets that can be applied to the roof from the inside, or as loose fibers, mixed with adhesive, that are blown into place.


Cellulose insulates better that fiberglass, and is very cost effective. It€s always treated with a fire-retardant chemical, making it a safer option.


Polyurethane is one of the most common types of foam insulation. Some is rigid - which is then cut to size and placed neatly under the roof.

Other foams are sprayed into place, which then expands to fill the space between the ceiling and roof. We don't recommend this as a DIY project, because it's hard to tell how much foam you need until it expands. If it isn't the right balance, you'll need to start again, wasting time and money, and creating a large, unwanted mess.

Old blue jeans!

Yes, recycled denim is an eco-friendly alternative. Denim and cotton waste is treated with a fire-retardant chemical then sold in rolls.

It's also easy to install. Other roof insulation options include sheep's wool, considered one of the best insulation types, but also one of the most expensive.

When choosing your roof insulation expert opinion is recommended, so compare quotes from roofing professionals today.

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