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DIY skylight installation

Once you've chosen your skylight, it can be installed either with your own hands, or with the help of a professional.

We've concentrated here on installing the easiest for a DIY project, a tubular skylight.

Position the holes

Push a nail through the ceiling in the desired location so it can be seen in the roof cavity.

Within the roof cavity, locate the nail then check the location is clear of pipes and wiring. Drill a small hole through the roof to push a locating nail through for the second hole.

diy skylight

Cut the ceiling hole

Mark the centre position of the tube on the ceiling. Using a length of timber with a nail positioned in the centre hole and a pencil attached, mark the circumference of the ceiling ring according to the relevant tube size. Cut the circle.

Cut the roof hole

Using the same length of timber, mark a matching circle on the roof. Drill a 10mm-diameter starter hole then cut out the circle using tin snips or a jigsaw with a metal-cutting blade.

Install the roof dome

Bend out the dome aluminium base, and feed the tubing through the roof hole to position the dome. Shape the base to match the roof profile and seal with silicone at the base.

Fit the ceiling ring

Pull the tubing through the ceiling hole and cut away any surplus. Secure with evenly spaced spring clips then fasten the ring to the ceiling with screws.

Install the diffuser

Slide the tubing over the spring clips to secure, then fit the diffuser to the ceiling ring.


Flashing is attached to the roof, window or wall for weatherproofing when the skylight is installed. The type of flashing that should be used depends on the roof pitch and material.

For more complicated skylights, or if you need further help, compare quotes for roofing specialists in your area.

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