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Government Insulation Assistance

As part of the Australian Government's Energy Efficient Homes Package, you can get insulation installed in your home for free! Here's how to take advantage of this great scheme.

What is it?

The government has allocated nearly $4 billion to provide insulation and solar hot water to around 2.7 million Australian homes.

This will boost the economy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and save the average Australian household around $200 a year in energy costs.

Who is eligible for the insulation rebate?

If you own a house built before 2003, you are eligible for free insulation to the value of $1200, regardless of whether you live in the house or not.

If you are the tenant of a rental property you are also eligible for the rebate, as long as you obtain the landlord's permission.

If the total cost of installation is more than $1200, you will generally have to pay the difference.

How do I get the insulation rebate?

First, carefully read the guidelines on the Home Insulation Program website.

Get written quotes from at least two insulation installers . Make sure the installers are listed on the government's Installer Provider Register or you won't receive the rebate.

Once you've chosen a registered installer, negotiate and sign an installation contract with them.

Government assistance

What happens after the insulation is installed?

The installer will lodge a rebate claim with the government on your behalf. Make sure you keep your written quotes, tax invoice and any other proof of purchase for at least 5 years for auditing purposes.

You may be subject to a site inspection to check that the ceiling insulation has been installed correctly, and that you have been given the appropriate records.

For more information, see DEWHA's insulation page.

Compare quotes on roofing and insulation installation and be on the way to free roof insulation today!

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