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Turn your roof green

Eco friendly insulation options

The production of fibreglass is highly energy intensive and the fibres can be chemical hazards. Here are some more environmentally friendly insulation options you might want to consider;

Recycled cellulose fibre

Recycled cellulose fibre is made from newspaper and other paper products. It can be more expensive, but has a better insulation quality than normal batts. Over time you'll find substantial energy savings. Plus, it's a greener option.

green roof

Recycled denim

In most of these products, the recycled content is around the 80% mark. Like recycled cellulose, the denim is treated with boric acid to give it fire retardant properties and repel vermin.

Soy insulation

Yes, you can eat it but also insulate your roof with it. Made from soybean oil, the insulation is sprayed into the roof area where it expands, filling cracks etc. before hardening. It will char but not sustain a flame and will last the life of the building.

Sheep's wool

Considered one of the best insulation options, it has a range of benefits including:

  1. moisture doesn't affect it's insulating abilities
  2. it's not an irritant
  3. naturally flame retardant
  4. has a long life and can be reused

A green roof?

A green roof, or an eco-roof, is partly or entirely covered with vegetation and soil. It's a lightweight roofing system, where most designs allow the reproduction of rooftop vegetation while safeguarding the underlying roof.

It's a way to bring a functional, interesting feature to a home, and creating a greener environment.

If you want to play your part in getting greener on top, compare quotes with roofing suppliers in your area today.

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