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Keeping your gutters in working order

Is your idea of looking after your gutters a simple cleaning out of the leaves every six to twelve months? Then you may want to climb up and take another look.

If even a small part of your guttering has rusted through it should be replaced, as leaking water, over a period of time, could damage your house foundations.

If your guttering is in need of some TLC, here€s our suggested repair process.

Get some support

Use a sturdy ladder and shoes with good grip on the soles. You can't afford to take any risks with a poor setup.


Scoop and brush

Scoop out all leaf matter, then use a wire brush to remove the rust and buildup from the inside of the gutter until you see only the original metal.

Brush on a rust neutraliser to prevent future corrosion.

Seal your gutters

Apply a primer of water and a sealant compound.

When that's completely dried, roll on a thick layer of a bitumen or rubber compound. Cut out a sheet to fit so it bends up to cover the inside edges of the gutter.

Press out any air bubbles so the sheet is as flat as possible. This will stop water flow from building up and help the sheet remain glued in place.

Reapply, sponge and spray

When it's fully dried, brush on another coat to seal. Sponge off any stray spots.

When the repair work has completely dried, hose down the roof to test that the water flow hasn't been blocked during the repair process.

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