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Top tips for roof repairs and maintenance

A roof that€s in good condition is important both to the visual impression your home gives to family, friends and passers-by, but is also a sign of the health of the entire house.

It's advisable to have a roof inspection from time to time to maintain its overall health, and to ensure there are no major issues, and none at risk of developing.

Most good roofing contractors will be able to provide a relatively inexpensive and professional inspection.

roof repair

Common roofing repairs

The areas that are most often are in need of attention are broken, cracked or missing tiles, re-bedding ridges and gables, and killing gutter rust.

The wide range of tiles commercially available in Australia should mean you'll be able to match or almost match your existing tiles. If too many are damaged, in adverse weather conditions, you may need to look at total replacement.

If gutter rust is too far advanced, you may need to look at replacing the guttering with a more modern and sturdy system.


To lengthen its life, your roof could do with a total water pressure clean, or may need the application of a sterilising agent or anti-fungicide.

Total roof replacement

There may come a time when you need to replace the entire roof. This could be for several reasons.

It may be leaking badly, and is more economical to replace rather than to repair. Alternately, you may be extending your home and want the roof to look uniform.

Remember, any roofing repairer should provide you with an obligation free quote on any work that may need to be carried out. Compare roofing repair quotes today.

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