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Roofing Checklist

This short checklist may be of assistance in ensuring your new roof or repair does not leak and lasts as it should.

Meet and evaluate roofers

  1. Contactor recommended by someone you trust
  2. Has the right experience with projects similar to yours
  3. Is a registered business, licensed or MPA member
  4. Insured for damage, liability and worker’s compensation
  5. Can provide references
  6. Will provide an itemised quotation
  7. Offers materials and labour warranty
  8. Contract successfully negotiated

Planning the roofing project

  1. Roofing material selected and ordered
  2. Building permits obtained (if required)
  3. Start and finish days identified
  4. Milestones and inspection dates planned
  5. Site procedures confirmed
  6. Safety issues discussed and agreed

Before work begins

  1. Start date confirmed
  2. Materials delivered and checked
  3. Work area clear of obstructions
  4. Site procedures employed
  5. Children and pets moved to identified safe zone
  6. Clear access path

During and after the job

  1. Any changes discussed and agreed
  2. Completed work inspected
  3. Questions and care issues dealt with
  4. Warranty paperwork obtained
  5. Final payment made
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