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Roofing Safety

Doing any sort of work on your roof is a dangerous business. If you are inexperienced in roofing or DIY projects, you should always call a professional roofing contractor to avoid any nasty accidents. If you are qualified to do the job yourself, then make sure you observe these roofing safety tips.

Roofing safety harness

Always use a specialised roofing safety harness to reduce the risk of serious accidents.

These devices consist of a harness, a rope and an anchoring system that attaches to the peak of the roof.

Make sure your harness and ropes are in good condition before you start scaling the roof.

Roofing safety

Safe roofing clothes

It might not be particularly stylish, but a roofer's safety wardrobe should always contain:

  1. Sturdy, non-slip shoes
  2. Knee pads
  3. Long pants and a long-sleeved shirt
  4. Safety goggles
  5. Work gloves
  6. Helmet

Ladder safety

A lot of roofing accidents happen on the way up. Make sure you use a strong, well-maintained metal ladder.

Check carefully for anything that could be dangerous, such as bent metal, loose screws or bent rungs.

Choose a level piece of ground to put the ladder on, and climb on and off the bottom rung a few times to help the feet of the ladder sit in place properly.

Never lean out to the side of a ladder. Keep your hips between the rails at all times.

Make sure that the hooks on the top of the ladder are properly secured, and that you never stand on the top two rungs.

Pull your roofing tools and supplies up with a rope, rather than trying to carry them up the ladder with you.

Don't allow more than one person on the ladder at a time.

Seek professional help

The only completely safe roofing job is one done by an experienced and qualified professional. One of our roofing experts will ensure all safety standards are met so that you and your roof will remain intact.

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