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Shingle Roof Maintenance

Your stylish shingle roof is the only thing keeping the rain out of your living room, so it's important to maintain it correctly. Here are a few tips on keeping your roof shingles in tip-top condition.

Keep the gutters clean

Give your gutters , drainpipes, valleys and downspouts a good clean regularly. Piles of decomposing leaves can easily build up and cause your shingles to rot over time.

Keep the flashing straight

Inspect the metal flashing on your roof, and make sure it is in good shape and not heavily dented. Dents in the flashing where water builds up can cause mould and rot in shingles.

Shingle roof

Look for the curly ones

As your roof gets older, keep a close eye on the condition of curled and warped shingles. Particularly misshapen ones should be replaced as soon as possible to extend the life of your roof.

Avoid excessive weight on shingles

Shingles are pretty strong, but they can't always hold the weight of a satellite dish or other electronic receivers.

If you must fasten something to your roof shingles, install it on as flat a surface as possible to prevent pulling on the shingles.

Ventilate your roof

Poorly ventilated roofs can lead to moisture and mould buildup, which can cause your shingles to decay. Talk to your roofer about installing vents for your home.

Keep off the roof

Don't walk on the roof any more than you have to. Standing on shingles can weaken them or lead to a loss of mineral granules. If you need to access the roof, ensure the surface is adequately protected.

Get professional help

There's no substitute for professional advice. Get a qualified roofing contractor to inspect your roof every few years and perform any periodic roof shingle maintenance.

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