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Solar panels - the benefits and costs

In a world where many of us are doing our bit to save energy and protect the environment, solar panels are becoming popular in countries like Australia, which tend not to suffer from a lack of sunshine.

Powering a suburban house with solar panels is a great environmental goal - solar energy is renewable, free and doesn't create any greenhouse gas emissions. They can save almost 1.5 tons a year in greenhouse emissions, but you'll need to explore the options carefully before you take the plunge.

solar panels

What are the set-up costs?

Costs of installing panels are still high. You may pay up to $40,000 to zero your electricity bill with solar panels, although it's expected this will continue to drop in the future as solar energy and other green options become more widespread.

Even with federal government rebates, it still costs around $7000 to put a 1kW solar system on a roof which will provide less than a quarter of the energy needs of an average Australian home.

Are there other options?

You can reduce electricity consumption by taking small steps.

Insulating hotwater pipes for example costs a fraction of the price of solar panels, but gives ten times the greenhouse gas savings of installing solar power.

If you take the plunge..

To make a fully informed decision, do you homework first.

You'll need to talk to an expert about costs and how well solar will work for your house.

The position of your roof is vital for example. If you're at a very low latitude, for example, you would need to tilt the panels so they don't collect water and dirt.

To find out more about these options, compare quotes and contact a roofing solar panel expert today.

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