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Storing art works and valuables

If you're a collector of art, paintings, sculpture, glass, there'll probably come a time when you have to put some of these treasures into storage.

Redecorating your home or office, changing location, or simply lack of space for all you've collected, means packing and shipping them to an off-site location.

Storage conditions for art works

You want an experienced storage company that maintains the right atmospheric conditions, for paintings in particular.

Painting should be stored in a cool, dark, and dry place that is free of insects.

The acids in insect droppings can damage the paint; also some insects eat the paint, canvas and frames.

Store your artworks correctly

Oil paintings are ideally kept at a stable 21 degrees Celsius and 45% humidity, and away from direct sunlight.

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Here are some handy hints on packing your artworks ready for storage.

How to store oil paintings

  1. Examine your painting. Make sure it is dust-free and secure in the frame.
  2. If unframed, get it framed. Oil paintings are easier to store in a frame because it provides some protection. Unframed paintings are susceptible to bent edges, dust, and chipped paint.
  3. Buy polystyrene sheets and place them between pairs of paintings, then wrap the doubled paintings in heavy paper or old sheets.
  4. Store paintings upright.
  5. If you must store unframed artwork, lay them flat on a polystyrene sheet, and put polystyrene between each painting.
  6. Cover with another polystyrene sheet. Do not put anything else on top of them because it could cause scratches and dents.

How to store small sculptures

Small sculptures risk being chipped, dented or broken in handling and storage.

  1. Check that they are clean and dust-free.
  2. Wrap them carefully in several layers of bubble wrap or soft polythene sheeting making sure to pad any edges, corners or parts that stick out.
  3. Overwrap in heavy paper or old sheets.
  4. Store sculptures upright.

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