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Storing old or precious books

It's tempting just to stack books in a cardboard box and pack them away. That might be fine if you're just moving location, and the books are going to be unpacked after a short space of time.

But for longer term storage, books, especially old or valuable ones, need correct conditions to protect them from insects, mildew and damage.

Remember, books published before the mid 19th century were often printed on linen rag paper, which is quite soft, and attractive to insects.

Books from the mid-19th century onwards are usually printed on mechanical ground wood pulp paper, which often has a high acidic content and can quickly become discoloured and brittle if not kept in the right conditions.

Store valuable books correctly

Like works of art and musical instruments, precious books are best stored in a climate-controlled facility.


Environmental requirements for storing books.

The most important factors to consider when storing books are light, temperature and humidity.

books should be stored away from direct sunlight, which can bleach spines and paper and can lead to an increase in the acid content of paper.

wherever possible try and keep the temperature within the range of 16C to 19C

should be kept as constant as possible, within the range of 45% to 60%.

Many self-storage facilities offer climate control. This uses central air and heat to maintain a temperature of 10-26 degrees Celsius and reduce humidity. Some facilities have a dehumidifier as well.

Storing books at home

If you don't have room in your bookcases for old or valuable books, try to achieve a constant temperature and humidity within the book storage area and ensure that there is a regular circulation of air around the books.

If the room is too hot and dry, leather bindings can dry out and crack.

Avoid storing books in damp conditions or at risk of getting wet, to prevent mould and mildew spores blooming on your books.

You can buy a portable electric thermo-hygrometer, which will give accurate digital readings of temperature and relative humidity.

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