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Storage Checklist

Moving house often means storing some belongings. Save money and make the process easy with this handy checklist to make storage a breeze. You can then trust your removal and storage provider to handle the rest.

Moving into storage

6 weeks ahead
  1. Visit Compare Quotes for costs on storage and removalist providers
  2. Select your removalist and storage provider
  3. Reserve storage space
  4. Book removalist
5 weeks ahead
  1. Visit storage facility
  2. Confirm storage facility operating hours
  3. Advise removalist of any access issues to your home or the storage facility
  4. Decide whether you will self-pack or use your removalist’s professional packing service
  5. If packing yourself, gather sturdy packing boxes
  6. Begin labelling all storage boxes indicating contents and handling instructions
4-2 weeks ahead
  1. Arrange insurance for items in storage
  2. You will be busy packing your home in preparation for your move, so refer to our Removal Checklist for helpful information.
  3. Keep a detailed inventory as you pack of all storage items.
1 week ahead
  1. Disassemble furniture, applying furniture oil for protection
  2. Drain surplus water from whitegoods
  3. Defrost fridge/freezer
  4. List any items you may need to remove from storage early

Moving out of storage

2 weeks out
  1. Visit Compare Quotes for costs on removalists
  2. Give written notice to storage provider
  3. Select and book removalist
  4. Advise removalist of any access issues to your home or the storage facility
1 week out
  1. Plan in advance where storage items are going to be placed
  2. Prepare your home for arrival of storage items
On the day
  1. Meet the removalists
  2. Check off all items against your storage inventory
  3. Inspect your belongings
  4. Report any damage to your removalist and storage provider

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