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Storage: 3 places to store your goods & valuables

The main options for storage are in a warehouse, self-storage in a purpose-built facility or storage in a shipping container.

this is usually storage offered by a removalist company and can be offered as part of a removal package. It is an option to consider if your goods are to stay in storage for a length of time and will not need to be accessed frequently or easily.

Self storage:
for short or long-term storage where access is needed to move goods in or out of storage before the storage period is up. Self-storage allows you to access your unit any day of the week during business hours. You may need to negotiate delivery and removal of your goods with your removalist.

self storage is one storage option

Shipping container:
suitable for small amounts of items, or smaller items; not really suitable for household furniture or appliances. Unlike warehouse or self-storage units, shipping containers are usually stored out in the open. You will have access to the container.

Choosing a storage option

How you decide to store your goods depends on several factors:

  1. Location
  2. Accessibility
  3. Length of storage
  4. How much you have to store
  5. What special items you have to store, such as piano, sports equipment, valuables.
  6. Whether you need to move items in or out during storage
  7. Your budget for storage expenses.

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