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It’s easy to keep your belongings in tip‐top condition while they’re in storage. Use our handy hints to make storage simple.

  1. Inspect your storage unit and list all the packing accessories you will need (eg. bubble‐wrap, cartons and covers).
  2. Arrange insurance cover through either your own insurance company or through the storage company.
  3. Make maximum use of your storage space, including the height.
  4. Dispose of all flammables, gas, fuels, compressed air and food.
  5. Disassemble all furniture possible and cover to protect from scratching.
  6. Lay down blankets or a pallet between furniture and the storage unit floor.
  7. Avoid stacking or leaning furniture against outside walls.
  8. Rust‐protect metal items such as bicycles and tools by wiping these lightly with oil.
  9. Leave appliance doors slightly ajar to avoid moisture and mildew damage.
  10. Use extra storage space inside appliances for smaller items.
  11. Pack heavy items in small boxes so these are easy to lift.
  12. Fill all cartons to the brim to avoid collapse when stacked.
  13. Tape and seal all boxes without fail.
  14. Clearly label all boxes accurately on each side, clearly identifying fragile items.
  15. Provide cushioning for fragile items and place these towards the top of your storage unit.
  16. Individually wrap all breakables.
  17. Place plastic sheeting over all boxes containing papers and books to prevent moisture
  18. Place large, heavy items that you can stack upon at the rear of the storage space.
  19. Work forwards and upwards with lighter items.
  20. Place frequently required items near the front of your storage space.
  21. Allow for walkways in your storage space for easy access.
  22. Complete a thorough inventory of all items in storage and keep this with you for easy

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