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Tips for storing computers and electronics

Your computer and other electronic equipment need to be stored correctly to protect them from damage. Follow these tips to ensure your electronics will run perfectly when you get them out.

Climate control is essential

Controlling the temperature and humidity is crucial when it comes to storing electronics. Look for a facility that offers climate-controlled storage, to maintain a temperature of 10-26 degrees Celsius and reduce humidity to around 45%.

This prevents cracking and corrosion from damaging electrical components.

Protect computers and electronics in storage

When choosing which storage space you will rent, avoid ground-level or subterranean units, unless they are provided with a dehumidifier.

Tips for safe electronics storage

  1. Always back up your data in several different ways and store in several different locations.
  2. Take tapes out of VCRs, camcorders and data backup devices, and CDs and DVDs out of drives and players.
  3. When possible, store devices in their original boxes and packing.
  4. Protect monitors, screens, scanner glass and other fragile parts with cardboard, styrene foam sheets or bubble wrap or foam taped in place.
  5. Mark glass parts as fragile to avoid leaning heavy objects against them.
  6. Never wrap computers or electronic devices in plastic for long term storage. Plastic traps moisture in, and allows mould and mildew to grow.
  7. Cover equipment with a cotton sheet, old blanket or canvas cover to prevent dust building up while allowing for air to circulate.
  8. Raise the equipment off the floor on boards or pallets to allow air circulation. Some facilities offer free pallets for this.

Seek expert self-storage advice

Ask your self-storage facility manager about the right way to store your equipment. They can be an excellent resource for additional tips and guidance.

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