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How to store your sports equipment

Most sports equipment is relatively easy to pack in a home storage space such as a garage or shed. But but there are some items, like exercise bikes, cross-trainers and weights that require a little more thought.

Storing bats and racquets

Cricket bats, hockey sticks, golf clubs can all be stood up in corners of your space. Clean them first, and treat the surfaces with the appropriate oils or creams.

Wrap bats and sticks in pieces of old sheet or towels and bundle them together, taped with packing or duct tape.

Tennis and squash racquets should be cleaned and stored in their covers. If you don't have a cover for them, wrap them in an old sheet or pillow case.

Make sure the racquets are placed on a flat surface, but don't stack anything on top of them.

Store sporting equipment efficiently

Storing golf clubs

Clean all the clubs and the bag before storing. Use steel wool to remove any rust and a stiff toothbrush to clean the grooves on the irons. Clean leather grips and gloves with saddle soap. Wipe the driver and woods clean.

Wipe the bag over with all-purpose cleaner, replace the clubs, with their covers, and drape a towel or piece of sheeting over the bag to keep dust off

Storing balls and weights

Balls can go in mesh bags or tied in nets. Pack smaller balls such as golf balls and tennis balls in plastic storage boxes.

Weights can be stored in buckets or plastic storage boxes.

Storing bikes and exercise bikes

All bikes should be cleaned and lubricated before storing. A rub up with car duco polish will help preserve the finish on road and mountain bikes.

Talk to your storage facility owner about hanging the bike from the wall or ceiling of the unit, to take the weight off the tyres.

Whether you hang it or lean it along the side wall, cover the bike with an old sheet.

Exercise bikes can be cleaned the same way as bicycles, but make sure any speed or inclination mechanism is released, before covering with old sheeting or towels.

Storing exercise machines

Clean and lubricate exercise machines and release any tensioning mechanisms.

Store on the floor, preferably under large items like tables, and cover to protect them from dust.

Be aware that excess humidity could cause bikes and machines to rust, and ensure that humidity is controlled. Don't store such equipment in a basement storage unit.

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