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Air Conditioner Maintenance

To keep your air conditioning system working safely and efficiently, it should be professionally inspected every 12 months. Here are a few things you can do yourself to keep your A/C in A+ condition.

Keep the filter clean

A clogged filter dramatically cuts your cooling system's efficiency, and can increase the risk of respiratory disease.

Inspect your filter every month and follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to clean or replace it.

Remember - the better your filter is at trapping dust, the more often it will need to be cleaned.

Inspect your air conditioning ducts

Take a close look at your system's ducts a couple of times a year. Make sure there is nothing blocking the vents or the outdoor part of air conditioner.

Check that there are no leaks in your ductwork. Leaks will reduce the efficiency of your cooling system and can cause the whole thing to break down. Repair any leaks as soon as possible, or get a professional in to do the job.

Air conditioner maintenance

Check the drip pan

All air conditioners produce condensation, which is collected in the drip pan at the bottom of the unit. Drainage pipes take this water outside your house.

Look at your system's drip pan and pipes regularly. If the air conditioner has been turned on recently, you should see some evidence of moisture.

If there is no sign of water, you might have a problem. Leaks or blockages in the draining system can cause water damage to your home, so call in a professional to inspect the system as soon as possible.

Inspect early

As summer approaches, do a thorough inspection and test run of your cooling system before it starts getting too hot.

It's far better to discover and fix any problems early than become one of the thousands of people with an air conditioning emergency during a heat wave!

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