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Air conditioning Checklist

With some easy checks and maintenance, your air conditioner can add an entirely new dimension to home comfort.  Use our handy checklist to get the most out of your air conditioner.

When you first get your air conditioner:

  1. Ask your air conditioning contractor any questions before they leave
  2. Read through the manufacturer’s instructions and owner manual
  3. Set thermostat and confirm system operation cycle
  4. Be aware that all air conditioners take 3-5 minutes to begin operating
  5. Measure air temperature after 15, 30 and 60 minutes operation
  6. Ensure the outdoor unit position is kept clean and well ventilated

General checks to complete regularly

  1. Air intake area is clean and clear
  2. Air conditioning filters are free of dust and pollen
  3. Lubrication levels are sufficient
  1. Fan and pump is operating correctly
  2. Moisture levels are sufficient (as this can cause refrigerant circuit failure)
  3. Temperature and pressure controls working correctly
  1. Motor and motor controls
  2. Thermostat expansion valve
  3. Operating and safety controls
  4. Clean condensers/cooling towers
You need maximum reliability and economy from your air conditioner.  Before you start up your air-conditioner each season, be sure owner and professional maintenance has been completed.
  1. Energise heaters for at least 8 hours before start-up
  2. Take insulation resistance readings
  3. Test colour/acidity of lubricant
  4. Ensure clean, unobstructed air passages for open motors
  5. Check condition of motor lubricant bearings
  6. Take insulation resistance readings (ensure these aren’t too low)
  7. Check for deterioration of starter contacts
  8. Test terminal connections/all mechanical links for tightness
  9. Check overload protection
  10. Test all timing devices
  11. Ensure operating/safety controls are properly calibrated and functional
  12. Ensure refrigerant circuit has a moisture detector
  13. Determine/correct moisture source as applicable
  14. Test expansion valve operation
  15. Properly clean all heat transfer surfaces
  16. Check cooling tower baffles are tight and operational
  17. Clean all baffles
  18. Ensure water valve is operating properly
  19. Check/lubricate all bearings/seals
  20. Check fans, blades, belt condition and tension
  21. Replace air filters
  22. Ensure all piping supports are free of distress
  23. Check for external damage and excessive vibration
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