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Air conditioning FAQ

So you’re thinking about installing an air conditioner.  Below are some questions people often ask about choosing the right air conditioning system.

Why should I consider air conditioning?
Air conditioning lets you enjoy a comfortable home or office environment all year around.  Just set the desired temperature and the air conditioner will heat or cool as required.  Air conditioning also rids the air of moisture without dropping room temperature.
How do I find a qualified contractor?
Check Compare Quotes for instant online air conditioning contacts.  All our experts have been quality tested in advance.
What air conditioning units are available?
  1. Single room systems:  one-piece unit installed in an external wall or window.  Available as reverse cycle or cooling.
  2. Split systems:  two-piece units, comprising indoor and outdoor.  Available as reverse cycle or cooling only with fixed speed or inverter options.
  3. Ducted systems:  air condition the whole or part of a house.  Require specialist installation and maintenance.
  4. Portable units:  one-piece or split-systems. S pot coolers, not designed to cover large areas.
How do I determine installation price?
Compare Quotes lets you select your preferred service level of service and source quotes from suitable contractors.
What’s covered by an installation quote?
Air conditioning systems are complex.  Installation costs may take into account many aspects including labour, parts, wiring, duct alterations and more.
How do I select the right-sized air conditioner?
This depends on factors including the building aspect, construction type, insulation and windows.  Consult an air conditioning specialist to ensure your specific requirements are met.
What installation requirements exist? 
  1. Indoor units must be positioned for unobstructed air flow.  Where possible, locate the unit on a wall with airflow directed to the middle of the room.
  2. Outdoor units must be placed in a well-ventilated area, easily accessible for when service is required.
  3. Consider necessary drainage requirements for both indoor and outdoor units.
Why should I have my air conditioner regularly maintained?
Regular maintenance ensures that your unit is operating efficiently, safely and cost-effectively.
What should I check when my air conditioning system shuts down?
  1. Check all other powered appliances to determine whether there have been any power interruptions.
  2. Check the intake area is clean and cleared for unobstructed airflow.
  3. Read the manufacturer’s instructions and owner manual.
  4. Activate any reset function.
  5. If there is still a problem, call a service technician.
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