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Selecting, installing and maintaining an air conditioning unit requires some know-how. Use our How-To Guide to help you enjoy comfortable, energy-efficient air conditioning.

Choose an air conditioner

It’s best to discuss your personal air conditioning requirements with an expert.  Only an air conditioning professional can advise on the unit that suits you best.  This may involve a little more time, making measurements etc.  But better to get a system suitable for the space you need to cool and/or heat than suffer the disappointment of making an impulse decision that isn’t up to the task.

Most air conditioners have a range of consumer features.  You’ll be able to choose an air conditioner based on your personal needs regarding:

  1. heating requirement
  2. preferred comfort level
  3. budget and running costs
  4. noise level
  5. reliability and brand
  6. contractor confidence
  7. suitable indoor/outdoor unit location

All Compare Quotes air conditioning experts have been quality tested.  Just choose your desired service level and rest assured your air conditioning needs are in reliable hands.

Keep your air conditioning energy-efficient

Be aware that air conditioners can be heavy energy consumers.  This may also make yours costly to run.  So it pays to keep an eye on the weather and the thermostat to keep you in comfort without costing the earth.

During milder weather, try turning off the air conditioning unit and open windows.  This circulates fresh air that’s more pleasant for later on when you need the cooler.

Get the most out of your air conditioner by keeping blinds or curtains closed over the hottest part of the day.  If any rooms are not in use, shut the door and close cooling vents.

Insulation is a great investment that helps maintain comfortable indoor temperatures and prevents your air conditioner working overtime.  You can also save 10-20% on energy bills by caulking or weather stripping doors and windows.

Be guided by your air conditioner owner manual in scheduling regular owner and professional maintenance.  This will keep your air conditioner reliable and working efficiently.

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