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This collection of tips will keep your air conditioning unit functioning at its most efficient.  You may need an expert to install an air conditioner but these hints can help you cut down running costs, reduce energy use and achieve maximum comfort.

  1. Outdoor air conditioning units should be located in a shady area with adequate ventilation.
  2. Outdoor air conditioner units require a clear, unobstructed air flow.
  3. Screen out dust and pollen by removing and washing the air filter fortnightly.
  4. So your air conditioner runs well whenever you need to use it, get a regular professional air conditioning service.
  5. Follow the manufacturer’s manual for guidance about routine householder maintenance to keep your air conditioner in top shape.
  6. Avoid overloading your air conditioner by setting winter temperatures between 18-21 degrees and summer temperatures between 23-26 degrees.
  7. Only use what you need.  Every degree you can do without will save you approximately 8 per cent energy usage.
  8. Install window blinds and external shades to reduce the load on your air conditioner.  Blinds and shades help to keep heat in and out of the house as required.
  9. Turn your air conditioner on as early as possible on a hot day.  This makes it easier for the air conditioner to reach and maintain the desired temperature.
  10. Set your air conditioner fan speed to slow on humid days.  This helps remove more moisture from the room.
  11. Covering your air conditioner with plastic or an air tight cover will cause it to rust.
  12. Any fuses, wires or circuit breakers that are hot to the touch may indicate a sizing problem or defective electrical connection.  Get these checked immediately.
  13. If you think your air conditioner is misreading room temperature, check the position of lamps, televisions and other items that generate heat.  Avoid setting these appliances up near the thermostat.
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