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Gas Fireplaces

There's nothing like the flickering warmth of a fireplace to get you through those cold winter nights. Modern gas fireplaces give you all the romance and warmth of a traditional fire without the hassle of collecting wood.


Because natural gas burns cleanly, a gas fireplace won't produce any nasty smoke to pollute your home or neighbourhood.

Easy to light

No more fiddling with matches and scrunched-up newspaper! Today's gas fireplaces switch on and off at the touch of a button.

gas fireplace

Unlimited fuel

As long as your house is connected to the natural gas supply, you will never run out of fuel.


Modern gas fireplaces have a controlling knob allowing you to precisely set the fire intensity and flame size. Many also come with a timer function so you can wake up to a warm fire on a cold morning.

Types of gas fireplaces

There are three main types of gas fireplaces:

  1. Inserts. These are used to convert an existing wood fire into gas. A gas burner and replica logs are installed into your fireplace cavity and the existing chimney is modified for gas fire venting.
  2. Factory-built. This type is directly installed in the walls of your home. You can customise the look and feel of your fireplace with frames and mantelpieces made of timber, fibreboard or even stainless steel.
  3. Freestanding. These don't need to be against a wall, so are ideal for installing in the centre of the room for even, 360-degree heat.

Gas fireplaces and safety

Gas fireplaces are fitted with ceramic glass viewing windows for safety and to provide efficient heat transfer. They should also have safety devices like flame failure and oxygen depletion systems.

Never attempt to install or repair a gas fireplace yourself. Consult a licensed gas plumber or heating and cooling specialist if you are considering a gas fireplace.

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