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Green Cooling

Air conditioners are great for keeping cool in the summer, but are big energy consumers that emit millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide every year.

Fancy doing a bit more for the environment? Then here are a few tips on staying cool, clean and green this summer.

Solar air conditioning

The days when you most need air conditioning are the days when the sun is hottest. This makes solar energy the perfect way to power your cooling system.

Roof mounted solar panels can supply all your energy needs in summer, and because excess electricity is fed back into the grid, it can actually make you money!

green cooling

Install ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are a highly effective and economic green cooling method. Use them on their own or in conjunction with your air conditioner € you will be able to turn the thermostat up significantly.

Evaporative cooling

Evaporative coolers cost about half as much as air conditioners, and can use up to 80% less energy. They are best suited to dry areas like the southern parts of Australia.

Geothermal cooling

Geothermal heating also cools your house in the summertime. The geothermal heat pump forces hot air out of your house and into the ground.

Install exterior shades or shutters

Putting down the blinds or closing the curtains helps keep the heat out on a hot day, but an exterior shade goes one step further by stopping sunlight getting through your window glass at all.

Install awnings

Putting awnings over east, west, and north facing windows will stop passive solar heat building up in your house without making it too dark.

Turn the thermostat up

Every degree you turn up your air-conditioner€s thermostat can reduce your home cooling costs by about 5%.

Replace your old air conditioner

It might be time to upgrade your system. Replacing a 10-year-old air conditioner  with a new, energy-efficient one can reduce your cooling costs by up to 40%!

Compare quotes on professional cooling specialists and go green this summer.

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