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Green heating

If you live in a cold climate, your heating system is probably your home's biggest energy consumer during the winter months. Most traditional heating systems have some sort of impact on the environment by sucking up power, emitting carbon or burning fossil fuels.

Here are some ways to go green with your heating system.

Let the sunshine in

The most effective heater in the solar system is right above our heads. Installing more windows is an attractive way to increase sunlight penetration and allow for natural heating in your home.

green heating

Well-placed skylights, picture windows or glass doors can slash your heater usage during daylight hours. Using double-glazed windows increases insulation and will retain the heat for longer.

Solar heating on your roof

You can install roof-mounted solar panels and use the sun as a carbon-neutral power source for your existing electric heater system.

Solectair, a new type of solar heating system, uses the hot air stored in your roof cavity to distribute heat around your entire house. It can be connected to your existing ducted heating system

Solar hydronic heating

You can use a heat pump to extract heat from the sun and air and feed it into a hydronic heating system, as well as your domestic hot water system.

Heat pumps don't need direct sunlight and work well even in low temperatures, but they rarely produce enough energy to continuously heat an entire house.

Geothermal heating

The ground underneath your house can provide a never-ending source of clean energy. Geothermal heating uses a heat pump to extract heat from the earth and use it to heat your home and water.

In summer, the same system works as a green cooler, forcing hot air from your house back into the earth.

Geothermal systems require a large upfront investment but last for decades and can save a lot of money, and energy, in the long term.

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