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Hydronic Heating

Hydronic heating is very popular in the chilly climates of Europe and the UK, but is yet to really catch on in sunny Australia. However, rising energy costs means hydronic heating is ideal for colder areas like Melbourne, Canberra and Tasmania.

How hydronic heating works

A hydronic heating system works by moving hot water through the walls of your house. A boiler heats the water, which is then pumped through copper or plastic pipes to wall-mounted radiators in each room and back into the boiler for reheating.

These radiators are flat steel or cast-iron panels fixed to the walls or skirting boards of your house.

A variation is an in-slab system, where the hot water is pumped through coils to provide under floor heating.

hydronic heating

Advantages of hydronic heating

  1. Very energy efficient. Because water conducts heat far better than air, a hydronic system keeps your house warm with minimal cost.
  2. No dust circulation or smoke.
  3. Highly flexible. Radiators can be adjusted individually for each room.
  4. Low maintenance. With occasional servicing, a hydronic heating system will last for decades.

Disadvantages of hydronic heating

  1. Takes a while to warm up, so is not suitable for providing short, intense bursts to quickly heat a room.
  2. Expensive to install. Although it will save you money in the long run, a hydronic heating system requires a lot of infrastructure and has a high setup cost. The best time to install one is when building a new home , especially for an under floor system.

Combing heating and hot water

A hydronic system can be connected to your existing hot water tank. This reduces installation costs, and because the hot water flows through the heating system before coming out the tap, you€re actually heating your home with the same water you shower with. Very energy efficient!

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