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Outdoor Heating

Who says backyard entertaining has to stay a summer activity? Enjoy the great outdoors all year round with one of these great external heating options!

Gas patio heaters

Commonly seen in beer gardens during the winter months, these tall heaters usually have a metallic umbrella on top to direct the heat. They run off bottled gas and provide a radiant heat, which warms objects and people, but not the air in between.

Outdoor fireplaces

People have been gathering round outdoor fires for thousands of years, so tap into your inner Neanderthal with an outdoor fireplace. Commonly made from stainless steel and stone or tiles, the outdoor fireplace has one big advantage over its indoor cousin - no need for a chimney!

outdoor heating


For an old-fashioned touch, use a metal brazier to warm up outdoors. These traditional heaters look like an open metal bowl with holes or slats in it. You burn wood or heat beads in the brazier and the ash falls through the holes into a tray underneath.

Braziers come in a wide range of ornamental designs and their open top means they also work as a barbecue!


A traditional Mexican heater, a chiminea is a large spherical clay pot on legs. One side has an opening for stoking the fire, and a large funnel out the top acts as the chimney.

Clay chimineas need to be properly cured before use or they will crack from the heat.

Durable metal chimineas are becoming very popular, although they cost more than a simple clay model.


Chances are you already have an outdoor heater in your backyard - the humble barbecue!

So gather your friends or family round the hotplate and cook up a mid-winter storm. The heat of the barbie will be more than enough to ward off the chills as well as produce the perfect steak.

For outdoor and indoor heating options, talk to a professional heating contractor today!

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