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Budget Bathroom Renovations

A bathroom renovation will boost your quality of life as well as your home's value, but they can be very expensive. Here are some tips to fix up your bathroom on a budget.

Low-key bathroom renovations

Do you really need a completely new bathroom? Sometimes a new coat of paint, some updated taps and a bit of creative lighting is all an old bathroom needs to take it from manky to magnificent.

bathroom renovation

Do the work yourself

While tricky stuff like building, plumbing and electrical wiring is best left to the professionals, there are plenty of places you can save a few bucks by doing the job yourself:

  1. Tiling and painting. One day spent with a roller and paint tin can save you hundreds of dollars.
  2. Demolishing the old bathroom. It's a lot easier (and more fun!) to take out an old bathroom than put a new one in.
  3. Taking out the trash. Getting rid of the rubbish from your renovation yourself is far more economical than paying contractors to cart it away for you.

Recycle your bathroom

Reusing parts of your existing bathroom like taps, cabinets, mirrors or vanities can take a big chunk out of your renovation costs.

Re-enamelling your tub, shower and basin instead of replacing them will keep your bathroom, and bank balance, looking great.

Buy second hand

Using second hand materials to build your dream bathroom can save you thousands. You can find used bathtubs, basins, vanities, taps and tiles at a fraction of the cost of new parts.

Check out salvage yards, garage sales, newspaper classifieds and eBay to track down pre-loved bathroom bits in any style

Intelligent bathroom design

A large part of the cost in upgrading a bathroom comes from shifting the plumbing and wiring. Keeping the taps and lighting in the same place as your old bathroom will seriously slash your budget.

Compare quotes on building contractors and get your dream bathroom underway!

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