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Building Checklist

This building checklist takes you through a building project and offers some practical tasks to check off before you move to the next phase.

Planning your building project

  1. Thoroughly investigate your options. This will vary depending on the style of your project and whether you intend to construct, renovate, repair or landscape.
  2. Set a budget. You will need consider a variety of factors in allocating a budget. Some of these are explored in Building tips. And always provide for a contingency.
  3. Enquire about finance, if required. Getting your loan approved ahead of the building project will set clear financial parameters for your designer, builder ... and you.
  4. Check with local authorities. Familiarise yourself with any heritage overlays, time restrictions, objections or other considerations that may affect your plans approval.
  5. Allocate plenty of time for paperwork, supplies, construction ... and the unexpected.

Where to find a builder

  1. If you are using an architect or designers, ask the names of several builders they might recommend.
  2. Drive around your neighbourhood and look for quality building projects similar to what you have in mind.
  3. Check your local newspaper and ask friends or associates for referrals.
  4. Use the Compare Quotes building directory.

Check your potential building contractor

  1. Check whether the builder’s portfolio of work features quality past projects.
  2. Get information about current activities and availability for your project.
  3. Ask for client references and follow theses up.
  4. Visit completed jobs and drive past current work sites.
  5. Create a short list of between 3 and 5 builders to quote.

Obtain quotes

  1. Check quotes thoroughly for design detail and written specifications.
  2. Ensure the quote provides for suitable fixtures, fittings and finishes.
  3. Information should be clearly presented with both inclusions and extras outlined.
  4. The preferred or usual contract should be stated.

Compare Quotes

  1. Quotes should be from like contractors that offer a similar service level.
  2. Compare the information presented and specifications provided.
  3. If you aren’t sure, get help from a professional. Cost will be more than off-set by your peace of mind.
  4. Check professional and credit references as well as relevant building experience.
  5. Don’t just compare on price. Build quality and customer care are big factors in building.

Negotiate and agree

  1. Decide on your preferred building contractor and book the job.
  2. Meet and agree on any alterations or additions you may have to the contracted work.
  3. Review the building contract with a professional and pay any deposit.

During the building process

  1. Meet regularly with your builder and take and interest in your project.
  2. Stay informed by asking lots of questions about progress, ordering supplies, what happens next etc.
  3. Visit the building site and take photos.
  4. If possible, attend when inspections are taking place.
  5. Minute meetings and take lots of notes that you can refer to in need.

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