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Installing double glazed windows at home

Up to 25% of the heat generated in your home can be lost through badly insulated windows, so it's no wonder that double glazing is an incredibly popular home improvement.

What is a double glazed window?

A double glazed window consists of two panes of glass in one frame, with a small, sealed (about 20mm) gap filled with air or argon gas in between.

Double glazed windows and heating

This gap between the panes acts as an insulator to keep the heat inside your home. You'll be able to run your heating system at a lower setting, giving you significant energy savings.

In summer, the double glazed glass stops heat from entering your home, keeping the interior nice and cool.

double glazed windows

Double glazed windows and sound

Double glazing can help soundproof your home. If you live in a neighbourhood with a lot of traffic noise, aircraft noise or barking dogs, double glazed windows are definitely for you.

Double glazed windows and safety

Double glazed windows are extremely strong and difficult to break. A stray football that can shatter a standard window into hundreds of dangerous shards will usually bounce off double glazing.

Costs of double glazing

While double glazed windows mean a higher upfront cost than standard glass, it will save you money in the long term. The reduced cost of heating and cooling your home means your investment pays for itself in a few years.

Double glazed window styles

Double glazed windows come in a huge range of styles, so you€re guaranteed to find one that's perfect for your home.

A great way to go green

Double glazed windows are an essential part of any environmentally friendly home. For more sustainable building tips, check out our green building article.

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